Spelling, punctuation, or grammatical mistakes can put your credibility and reputation on the line. Lack of clarity or cohesion in your content will lose your readers or sales prospects quickly. I will clean up your copy and make sure you send it out the door clean, correct, and compelling.

My online editing services fall into two categories:

Proofreading Services

Your content may be in great shape, but you want a second pair of eyes to make sure there are no errors and there is consistency throughout. My proofreading service is quick and painless, and I will return your content free of mistakes. Whether you want me to review an article one time or proofread every blog post before you publish them, I will give you the confidence you need to share your words with the world.

Copy-Editing Services

Sometimes content needs a little extra help. This type of editing includes basic proofreading, but I delve a little deeper look to ensure your content is logically sound and flows smoothly. I do some rewriting and restructuring if necessary, and I use the track changes feature in Word to leave comments if I think something needs more clarity or raises questions that aren’t answered. My rates are slightly higher for this style of editing since it is more time-intensive.

Contact me with your project details to get started.

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