As a formally trained journalist and a seasoned blogger with marketing and PR experience, Emily is a versatile freelance writer. With her decade of experience, she can help you with practically any form of writing, editing, and blogging. Click on each service name to learn more.

Freelance Journalism, Blogging, or Article Writing
Emily has top-notch research skills due to her journalism background and can master any topic and tone. She can help you by:

  • Writing journalistic news and entertainment features, in AP style if desired
  • Creating articles for your website based on keywords and SEO best practices
  • Populating your blog with compelling, digestible posts

Freelance Copywriting
With over eight years of marketing copywriting experience, Emily knows how to craft convincing marketing and advertising copy that converts. She has written copy for emails, website, brochures, direct mail, handouts, print and digital ads, press releases, and much more.

Copy-Editing & Proofreading Services
Emily is a skilled proofreader and expert editor who has worked with news articles, doctorate dissertations, community newsletters, blogs, a sci-fi novel, business brochures, ad copy, and many other materials. Whether you simply want someone to look for minor typos or need major reorganization, Emily’s editing and proofreading services will make your copy clean, correct, and consistent.

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